2011 Greenlight Round the Rock 48 miles, 1st lady, 2012Connemara International ultra 40 miles, 4th lady.

2012 Oxfam Trailwalker 100km, only lady in mixed team, 1st civilian team, mixed team and mixed team record to date.

2013 Round Rotherham 50 mile, 6th lady.

2013 Mozart 100km, Austria 2nd lady.

2013 Cotswold Century 100-mile race, 3rd lady.

2013 Endurance life CTS Dorset 33mile, 4th lady.

2014 Five Islands Ultra multi day, 1st overall.

2014 Greenlight Round The Rock 48 miles, 2nd lady.

2014 Petzl Centurion SDW 100 miles, 5th lady.

2015 Hoka Highland Fling, 53 miles ,2nd in over 40 age cat.

2015 Petzl Centurion SDW 100 miles, 4th lady.

2015 Eiger Ultra trail 100km, Switzerland.

2015 Greenlight Round the Rock 48 miles, 2nd lady, PB.

2016  Centurion SDW 50 mile, 3rd lady.

2016 Centurion SDW 100 miles, 5th lady , BP.

2016 Round The Rock 48 miles 1st lady.

2016 Tor Des Geants 330km Italy single stage race.

2017 Centurion SWD 100 miles 6th lady.

2017 Round The Rock.1st lady,PB, fastest Jersey ladies time

2017 Tor Des Geants 300km, Italy.

2017 Wendover woods 50 miles, 5th lady , 1st age cat.

2018 Thames Trot 50 miles, 2nd lady, 1st age cat.

2018 Transylvania 100km , 12th lady, 2nd age cat.

2018 Mozart 100km, 8th lady, 2nd age cat.

2018 Eiger 100km , Race stopped and restarted ,  13th lady.

2018 Round The Rock. 1st Lady.  

2018 Tor Des Geants 338km 2nd British Lady 14hrs PB

2018 Jersey Marathon 1st Jersey lady, 1st age cat.

2019 The Flitch Way 100km 1st lady, 3rd overall PB 9.29. 

2019 Connemara International Ultra 3rd lady, 2nd age cat.  

2019 The Thames Path 100m 4th lady, 3rd age cat, 19th Overall PB 19.01

 2019 Lavaredo Ultra Trail 100km 11th age cat.

2019 Round The Rock 1st Lady.

2019 Spartathlon Greece 10th lady overall.

2019 Jersey Marathon 5th Lady, 1st age cat. 

2019 CI 100km 1st lady, 3rd overall.